Family Blessing:

In this case there were two prior children that the groom brought into this new relationship, there maybe times when both the Bride and groom bring children into the relationship. Childrens, names should go by age and a small gift can be given by the new step parent but is not mandatory!VERY-small-heart

Right after Congratulations you may kiss the bride—small interlude


Anna and Brooke you have come full cycle – in this happy union as husband and wife, which is just like a circle of love, where there is no alpha and omega- no beginning and no end, an ever flowing evolution of love. Ian and Olivia please come forward:

Anna and Brooke will both of you now, also include in this circle of love, Ian and Olivia so that you may become a family unit?  If so, please answer we do:  We do!


 (You can present them a small gift or a flower each                    (by the new Step-Mom))

And I now ask you also ~ Ian and Olivia, Do you also celebrate with your father and your new step-mom, this newly created union and become part of this intricate circle of love, if so, all children answer together: WE DO!


Minister continues on:  I now invite all of you to join hands and seal this union with hugs and kisses.


Congratulations, I now pronounce you a family of love!

We celebrate with you in the joy of the new-formed family, and wish you a happy and full life, with God’s help! Amen

 fami;ly Blessing

other couples may want to do a Sand ceremony and have a different color sand for each child involvedVERY-small-heart

family Sand Ceremony

Getting the children involved lays a good foundation for the newly blended family.VERY-small-heart