As a non denominational Minister and Wedding Officiant I welcome all

couples, which ofcourse includes “Same Sex couples”.

“Love has no age, no limit; and no death.” — John Galsworthy

Al & Brad

During my several decades of officiating I was blesssed with several same  sex couples, both male & female as they honored their commitment’s with each other.

Love is love is love. Whether a man loves a woman, a woman loves a woman, or a man loves a man, it really makes no difference.


Love is Love

Sierra and LaTasha, you have come together for many reasons.  One of these reasons is your souls desire to express your love on a spiritual level.  You have decided that being together will enrich your lives.  You have decided that the challenges that your relationship will face are outweighed by the great potential present in your shared love for each other.  Your challenges will be easier because they will be shared.  Your joy will be expanded because of your partnership.

You know that real love is something beyond the warmth and the glow, the excitement of being deeply in love with one another.  It is caring as much about the welfare and happiness of your partner in life, as about your own.  Real love is not total absorption in each other, it is looking outward in the same direction, together.  You are agreeing to be a light and a strength to each other.  You are entering into an act of pure faith in which you give yourselves to the utmost.

To enter into a Commitment Ceremony takes a great deal of inner, spiritual strength.  The Union is sacred.  It is an act of expressing the commitment of two souls.  It is an act, which acknowledges two persons working together toward one goal.  It is a uniting of two souls in love, manifesting as one hope, one desire, and one aspiration.

You choose to share your lives together—to be friends, partners, and lovers to each other.  You choose to function together in life as a couple while maintaining your own identities.  You choose to grow together spiritually.

The purpose of a Commitment Ceremony is spiritual.  You would not enter into the Ceremony lightly simply to live together.  By participating in this ceremony, you are affirming that you believe so deeply in the Power of God to bless your relationship that you are willing to stand out from the crowd .

Sierra and LaTasha, whatever it is that your souls have arranged to accomplish together, know that God is with you, and to the extent that you allow God to be your partner, your success is assured.

We, who are gathered here today, come bless this entry into a new depth of committed relationship.  Your friends and loved ones are here with you to declare their commitment to support the two of you through the joys and challenges of relationship.

(Minister turns to the guests) Friends, let the love in your hearts for these women and your support of their journey together be acknowledged as you affirm:  “We support you” (Together:) “We support you”

And now let us pray:  Living, Loving Lord, ever present with us and within us, we give thanks for the ability to sense your presence in each other.  We give thanks for Your Blessing on this Holy Union.  May it be of one spirit, mind, and heart—always centered in You.   We give thanks for the blessings of life, love, wisdom, peace, and joy—not only for this day but in all the days to come.  Amen.

Sierra and LaTasha, you know that nothing is easier than saying words and nothing is more challenging than living them day by day.  Today you consecrate yourselves to each other in every act, every word, every thought.  What you promise today must be renewed daily in your hearts.


Nikki & Jameka Rev.Ursula

Comments on Marriage~commitment

A harmonies relationship has a pattern much like the dance,

And is built on some of the same principles.  The partners do not need to hold onto each other tightly because they move confidently and freely to the melody of love playing in their hearts.  To touch heavily would be to arrest the pattern and freeze the movement, spoiling the endlessly changing beauty of its spontaneously unfolding perfection.  There is no place in the dance of love for possessive clutching, the clinging arm, the heavy hand.  Only the faintest touch in passing is needed to keep the lovers in their pattern of liberated Oneness.

First arm in arm…next face to face … then back to back …

It does not matter which because they both and feel themselves moving to the same rhythm, creating a spacious freedom for their souls to grow in, weaving an elegant tapestry of love and being infinitely nourished by the process.

Allow me to share my vision of what I see happening here… my impression of the kind of relationship you have created and now move on to share with each other:  I see you together this moment, not because you “need” each other, but because you have freely chosen to be with each other.  You are discovered the joy of fulfillment in sharing your thoughts, your feelings, your daily livings with each other.

I see you together because you are whole and complete when you are apart.  Each of you is rich in experience… ripe and full of the knowing and growing you bring to this moment.

Now having cultivated your independence, you are ready to create a perfect union, not clinging together out of fear, but celebrating – upright and confident out of your common devotion to that which is Sacred and Holy.

You choose to become one because you are confident within you individuality.  You have recognized the sublime truth that you are, at the same time, separate and touching… equal, but not the same.  You have become strong enough mow to allow yourselves to be vulnerable… to be open and receptive to the full measure of experience your union holds in store for you.

Remember, only the willing heart is spacious enough to contain the full cup of love God has set before you.  Drink deeply of your togetherness, drink freely, drink fearlessly and enjoy the grace.

Consider the song and let your togetherness reflect it wise and liberating sentiment…(Music “it Takes All Of Me”)

Compliments from weddings to Remember, (Rev. Ursula C Guenzel)