There are as many reasons why a couple may choose to renew their wedding vows as there are couples.  Here are a few!

  • You want to celebrate a special anniversary.
  • You eloped or had a destination wedding, and now you’d like to say wedding vows in front of lots of family and friends.
  • You had a small, budget wedding, and now you’d like a more formal or elaborate celebration.
  • You want a do-over: your original wedding wasn’t the wedding you’ve always dreamed of having, whether because of some disaster, parental influence, or special people who couldn’t attend your first.
  • Your marriage has survived some tough tests- perhaps illness, military deployment, or emotionally rocky times in your relationship.
  • You got too caught up in the planning of your party details with your wedding, and now you’d like to focus on your ceremony.
  • You just got married legally before, and now you want to add a faith element.
  • You are feeling romantic!!
While some couples may have their renewal on an anniversary date, there are no rules here.  You may have it whenever you like!  Couples often choose a romantic time, like Valentine’s Day.  Some couples have a one-time celebration, while others may create a tradition of a vow renewal every year or every fifth or tenth anniversary.  Vow renewals are especially common for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries, but you don’t have to wait until then!
There are very few rules for vow renewals, and there are many variations.

Generally renewal ceremonies are much simpler to plan than a wedding.  First of all, it is a sentimental, not a legal, ceremony, so to renew your marriage vows you don’t need to get another marriage license.  Secondly, many renewal ceremonies are intimate- just close family and friends or even just the two of you.  A wedding party is unnecessary and not typical, although you certainly could have your original bridesmaids and groomsmen stand with you again if you would like.  The location is often much simpler and more casual than the original wedding.  And renewals are usually much less expensive than weddings!

On the other hand, a vow renewal may be as large and elaborate as you would like.  If you’ve never had the wedding of your dreams, the bride might wear a white gown and veil, and the groom a tuxedo.   You may have a wedding party and a ceremony at  a large venue, with reception following, complete with a multi-tiered cake, a formal dinner, a live band, dancing, and even a honeymoon.  A milestone anniversary celebration is also often a “big splash” – a big party with lots of friends and relatives,  but much more understated than a wedding.

A marriage vow renewal may be hosted by your children, or you may host it yourselves.

Here are a few things to think about as you plan:

  • Do you want to use your original vows, write your own vows, or use existing vows that express how your relationship has grown and changed over the years or that express your individual style?  However you choose to do it, you will be expressing your enduring love!
  • Where should you have it?  Many couples have an informal ceremony in a home, backyard, a park, or the beach.  Or you can choose a wedding chapel or a place that is romantic and meaningful to you.  Larger ceremonies could be at a hall or any venue suitable for a wedding.
  • Should you have your children or grandchildren participate in some way?  (For example, escort you down the aisle, do a reading, participate in a sand ceremony.)
  • Do you want to re-use your wedding rings, have them newly engraved (perhaps with your vow renewal date), exchange new rings (time for an upgrade?), get an eternity ring to commemorate the occasion – or skip the ring ceremony altogether?
  • Is there special music that would be meaningful to play during the ceremony?
  • Do you want to incorporate any special memories from your original wedding into your vow renewal?
  • Do you want to walk down the aisle together, have Mom walk down with the children- or skip the aisle walk?
  • What will you wear?  If it still fits, you could wear your original wedding gown.  Or choose a dress, gown, or suit, depending on the formality or informality of the location.
  • Do you want flowers?  They can be elaborate-  or you may wish to simply carry a single long stemmed rose.  Husbands may choose to wear a boutonniere.
  • While the ceremony is centered around the recommitment of your vows and (usually) a ring exchange, you may add other elements such as a special reading, poem or song (perhaps by a friend or relative), a unity candle ceremony, or a rose exchange or more see all ceremony selections.

Just ask for my Vow renewal Selection, give me your ideas and Background information, so I can weave it into your perfect & specialized Renewal-ceremony!

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Betty & Brady Frail’s 50th Anniversary Renewal Vows

Congratulations and many more and happy years to come!VERY-small-heart