Rev. Ursula with "The Millers"

Rev. Ursula with “The Millers”


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“What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” Matthew 19:6

What they say about us:

What couples previously joined together in marriage, by Reverend Guenzel & with God’s Blessings, report:

Wedding Location: 10 Downing Churchill’s Pub Savannah Georgia—

Jeremy & Julie Johnson w/ Rev. Ursula


Julie said… 
Rev. Ursula is fantastic! She is well spoken and delivers exactly what you want. The website gave us all the options and we chose what we wanted said and when. We got to meet Rev. Ursula once before the wedding and I knew right away that she was going to be great for us. Nothing complicated and she gave us a lovely packet that I will cherish. J&J Johnson Wedding: 06/04/2015


Julie & Jeremy


Wedding lovation : The Mackey House~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beautiful Ceremony    posted 4/22/2015

Ursula did our ceremony and it was perfect. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. From her I learned about the wine box ceremony, which was a perfect idea for me and my husband. She will work with you and make the ceremony what you want. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family.  Best, Kim & Kurtis Van Allen

Kimberly & Kurtis Van Allen


Wedding Location: Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello Reverend Ursula!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! We had such a magical experience, and thank you for being a part of it! We have even decided to stay in Savannah a few more nights to celebrate with our family. Thank you so much again!Happy New Year!!
Best, Kaley and Chip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Marcie L. Covington and John Patrick Larkin Wilmington Island

Dear Rev. Ursula: Marcie and I were so pleased with the ceremony, as well as your flexibility and all the details to work our children into the ceremony. Every one just loved you and we know we have a great foundation set, we would recommend tyou to anyone!!

Best ~ The Lakins

Marcie & John


Wedding Location: Whitefield Square Gazebo, Savannah Georgia To Rev. Ursula: Thank you for Blessing our union, on such short notice!  May God bless you and bless every union you consumate.

Warmest wishes, Sawan & Ashraf El Attar

8--8-14 Sawsun and Arafat El Attar 001
Sawsun & Arafat El Attar w/Rev. Ursula

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Woodlawn Plantation and Gardens, Guyton Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~

To Rev. Ursula: Rev. Ursula was absolutely wonderful! We had extraordinary circumstances on our special day, and Rev. Ursula couldn’t have been more flexible & understanding. We only met her once to discuss our wishes for our ceremony and it turned out perfect! I must also say that while all the officiants I researched were way overpriced, Rev. Ursula was reasonable & affordable and did a terrific job.  We highly recommend her. Bestwishes,

  Melissa and Nathaniel from New York

Wedding Nat & Melissa 002
Melissa & Nathaniel
Weddings to Remember responded with the following comments: It was an honor and a pleasure to be of Service to you Meliisa and Nathaniel! I wish you both much happiness and Sunshine in the years ahead!Blessings, Reverend Ursula C Guenzel
Tybee Island Chapel ~ Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To Reverend Ursula
We were so blessed to find you, when our Minister cancelled us; and even though it was all short notice, our ceremony could not have been better and more customized and memorable!  Thanks to you, our memories of that day are Extraordinary and unforgetable!
Jessica and Justin

Tybee North Beach Geaorgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Rev. Ursula C Guenzel: Our Elopement was just what we were looking for, absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you, Reverend, for all the strings that you had to pull and our meaning ful ceremony.  What a Blessing you were to us and will be to others yet to come.

Sincerely,                                 Melanie & Louis  Audain


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Calhoun Sq, Savannah GA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Reverend Ursula, Note1) First of, thanks so much to make our “SPECIAL DAY” so wonderful! Second, Oh my goodness!!!! Your video looks incredible!! I will share it on my Facebook to hopefully get the word out about how special your work is! I love it!! I am going to send it to my mom as well so she can see the few clips from our wedding! Good little Mother’s Day gift….any idea when the videographer will be able to give us a copy of our ceremony? Thank you again! It is so great!! Best Regard, Hannah Second Note2) Hello Reverend Ursula, I apologize for the delayed response!  The video is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much!!  It means so much to us as well as my mom.  She is doing better.  They banded several veins in her esophagus, as they think the bleeding was coming from there.  However, only time will tell!  But we are hopeful.  Thank you for your prayers and always checking in. All our best,  Hannah and Ashish

5-3-14 Wedding of Hannah and Ashish Gajjar 001
Hannah & Ashish Calhoun Square, Savannah Georgia

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Madison Square Savannah GA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Reverend Ursula was very helpful in the planning for our wedding ceremony. The rehearsal she guided us through really made the wedding day run so smoothly. We highly recommend her for anyone, but especially those looking for a personalized and spiritual, non-denominational ceremony. Couldn’t have been better! Best,      Susanne and Stephen

4-26-14 Susanne & Stephen Weber 008
Susanne & Stephen


Daffin Park Gazebo, Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We thank you so much for your awesome services. We also read your poems/scriptures given to us often. We have them framed on our wall. Many blessings to you may God continue to use you. Amen.

Yulanda & Keith Dent

Yulanda and Husband w Ursula
Yulanda & Keith Dent w Rev. Ursula


Foryth Park Fountain, Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: Our quick ceremony was a delight! We thank you for your ability to take us and officiate with such short notice and yet adapt so quickly and grant us all our wishes, Bless you Reverend Ursula Sincerely, Lenni Hassani

wed's Amy & Ron & Kristin & Vlad March 2014 009

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mulberry Inn, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Rev. Ursula: Our guest’s and we have enjoyed your Service very much, and the Rose ceremony was perfect for us.  We also liked the Keepsake package, great for going down memory lane in the future. We recommend you to all our friends. Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. Miller ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marriott Hotels & Resort, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend Guenzel: Thank You for coming to the Hotel and for the beautiful Ceremony! The Jackson’s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Columbia Square, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: We appreciated your quick response to our inquiries and your Professional demeanor, in which you handled all our wishes and created a beautiful ceremony, and also thank you, for the Keepsake Package that you gave us at the end, we shall remember this event for a very long time to come. Best Wishes, Mr. & Mrs. Clark ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forsythe Park Inn, Savannah-Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel: Our Wedding was terrific and we thank you so much for everything! The Murray’s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ South Tybee Beach, Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend Ursula C Guenzel: We were truly blessed with your beautiful Union Candle ceremony!  Thank You for all the beautiful touches to make our day grant! Mrs. & Dr.  J. Hughes

“The Hughes”


Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Reverend Ursula: Thank you so much!  You were a wonderful part of our ceremony and will always be remembered fondly.

Many blessings for you and yours. Mark and Denise Bowen
Marco & Tara w Rev. Ursula
Denise and Mark @ Forsythe Park~ Savannah Georgia

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whitfield Square Gazebo~  Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Pastor Ursula C Guenzel:Mrs. Marie & Rev. Clavin C. Nelson We so greatly appreciated the fact that you came out on a Holiday and united Marie and me.  The Ceremony was beautiful and touched all of us and the Family Blessings gave our new Family a great foundation and beginning. Sincerely, Rev. C.C. Nelson & Mrs Marie Nelson


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mighty Eight Air Force Chapel , Pooler Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank You, Rev. Guenzel for our wonderful ceremony and Blessing on our Wedding Day, we shall cherish the memories, for years to come. Fondly ~ The Hannigan’s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tybee- Island North Beach , Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~ To Rev. Ursula We truly were grateful and blessed to have our Ceremony done in both English and German, so all our guest’s were able to understand and celebrate with us. Best,       Nina & Jack Holden

7-25-16 Carl & Shuk & Nicole & Cortney 004

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forsyth Park Fountain, Savannah GA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We were so grateful that you were able to take the time and come to our Rehearsal the day prior to our Wedding, We  have enjoyed  our ceremony  and your thoughtfulness– thank you so much!     Sincerely,       Elisa and Jay

Elisa & Jay w/Rev. Ursula

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Gastonian Inn, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Guenzel: Our Day was as perfect as you had promised us it would be.  Thank You so much! Dinahr and  Eric Mr. & Mrs. Eric Gacon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reynolds Square, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank You, Thank You, Than You, Mandy and I are so grateful for our “Special Day”, this Elopement ceremony and even the Keepsake Package will hold a special place in our heart for a long time to come. Mandy Britton  and Simon K Boyson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~The Dock @ Tom Tripple Community Park, Pooler Georgia~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: Thank You for allowing the Ceremony to be in both English and Spanish!  Our Day was indeed  “Special.”

Best,  Mrs. Heather Campistrano ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forsythe Park -Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel: We so loved our Valentines Wedding and ceremony, thank you for all that you have done for us, you were such a Blessing to us and our family and friends. Jessica & Alton Hayes

2hearts w ring

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tybee Beach South Side, Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: Thank you, for coming to unite us in Marriage at the last minute and such a cold day! We will let you know, when we have the big festivities with our families, we would like you to be the one for our beautiful and positively spirit filled ceremony. May God Bless you! D & B


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hilton Garden Inn – Pooler~Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel Thanks, Reverend Ursula, for all you have done for us, it made our day so “Special & Memorable”!  I would highly recommend her to everyone! Mr. & Mrs. Marsceill ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kehoe House Savannah-Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend: Bless you Reverend Ursula, God works wonders through wonderful people like you! The Hissongs


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reynolds Square Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel: Thank you, for the perfect ceremony for us, we will remember that day  and you– forever! Bless you, always!

Mr. & Mrs. J Wilson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tybee Island North Beach Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: Thank You, for all the good referrals of Planner and the musicians.  Our Wedding was perfect – thanks to you!

Patrick & Chinni Tangney

10John & Stephanie69344_10201525714565477_499293665_n

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forsythe Inn Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel We were so glad to have heard of you from our friends, thank you for a most beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration! Anna P & Brian Perry “The Perry’s” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marshall House  Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. U. C. Guenzel: We were all grateful for the positively beautiful ceremony. May God bless you and may you bless hundreds of more couples with your kindness and thoughtfulness!

Carla and Joseph Curtis Campbell ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ President’s Quarters Garden, Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: Thank you, for the Military Discount  and honoring our Service to the Country.nd our ceremony was just beautiful. Sincerely, Shannon & Joshua Van Dyke


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whitfield Square, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel: Reverend, we can’t thank you enough, everything was just beautiful, and we’ll cherish the keepsake package. Sincerely, Brian and Dawn De Silver


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Private Home in Wilmington Island Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~ Marcia & John Larkin: ” We were very grateful for all you did for us, in particular the inclusion of the 3 girls, they felt they were part of this new family unit! ” Again – Thank You! M. C. & J.L. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula Guenzel: We have appreciated all your kind help and spotonaity! We shall remmeber this day forever!

Lisa and Brant St. Johns

Bridgette & Wojtek Biernacki-Fountain Pose

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Private home Covington St., Garden City Garden ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Dear Rev. Guenzel: We were very happy with all that you have done for us, it was all beautiful! Thank you so much!

John and Phyllis Marcantonio


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reynolds Square, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Reverend: We were so grateful how you worked with us on changing the date to make it all possible and memorable at the same time.  Thank you! Ashley & Jeremy


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Columbia Square Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel: Our day was so successful,, thank you, for tying all the loose ends  and making our day perfect!

Blessings, Melissa and Justin Anthony  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Whitfeld Square Gazebo~Savannah GA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~  Dear Reverend Ursula: Thank you, Reverend Ursula for taking us in at the last minute. All was so beautiful, harmonious and enjoyable!  We ‘ll cherish our day forever!  We also thank you for the beautiful Keepsake package! The Bazor’s


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gastonian Inn Garden, Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Rev. U.C.Guenzel Our Wedding was just fantastic and we appreciate all your help and the beautiful and meaningful ceremony. Best,   Rebecca and Vernon Guy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ North Tybee Beach Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Takisha and James Anderson:  ” Takisha and I were so happy with our Selection and how you officiated our Ceremony. Bless you”.

 James Anderson


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marshall House, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Rev. Guenzel: Reverend Guenzel, we were grateful for our beautiful wedding –Flower-ceremony.  We shall re-celebrate with a single red rose each on our anniversaries and recall the memories. Grateful hearts! Mr. & Mrs. B. Barone

Single red rose exchange

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ North Tybee Beach Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend Guenzel: We did everything in the Spur of the moment and found you to be very accommodating, our ceremony was the best short but meaningful just what we wanted! Our wedding was a Day of pure JOY!  Thank You! Debra and Craig DeBartinello ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Riverboat, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Reverend: What a wonderful Day ~ Thanks for the memories! Marsha and Kris Schiszik


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Gingerbread House , Savannah GA~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Worley’s Thank You, Reverend, that was a night to remember, and we shall treasure our Keepsake package. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tybee North Beach Dear Reverend Ursula: We were so very grateful to have had our ceremony in german, it was beautiful. Thank you, for all your efforts to put us at ease. Mr. & Mrs. M. Hartner ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inn at Ellis Square, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend Ursula: It was a last moment decision to come to Savannah and get married; thank you Reverend, for making us feel so at ease and creating such a beautiful ceremony. We shall treasure the memories! Blessings, Jeanne and Richard Sonntag


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Westin Savannah Harbor, Georgia Hello Rev. Ursula: We so appreciated all your efforts to make oour Day “SPECIAL” ~ Thank You, Thank You, Thank You – for a job well done! Sheree and Andre Kellogs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tybee North Beach~ Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Dear Rev. Guenzel: Reverend, we are so thankful, all was so splendid, even the weather cooperated.  Our Vessel ceremony was just beautiful something to look back on from time to time. The Montgomery’s


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tybee South Beach Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend: Bless you Reverend; we were so blessed, with everything. Even our guest’s remarked how beautiful everything was.  Thank you! Terry Murray


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Orleans Square, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend Ursula C Guenzel Our families and friends commented on our spiritual wedding-ceremony and how beautiful you presented everything. We both would like to thank you for the good job. J & J Austin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Private Home and Garden, Savannah Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: Thank You Reverend Ursula for coming to our home, we felt very comfortable and yet Special for the sacred moment of Commitment!

Sincerely, Mr.  & Mrs. T. Clardy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oglethorpe Square, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Ursula: Just a quick note, Reverend Ursula, to thank you for everything you did to make our “Special day” Fabulous!  Bless You!

Mr. & Mrs. Booth


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tybee South Beach Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Reverend Ursula: I am so glad that our Photographer recommended you, it was the fairytale wedding my wife always wanted, and now we can both remember forever!  Thank you for all your efforts to please us! Blessings,                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. A. Monieski


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hyatt Regency, Savannah Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Dear Rev. Guenzel: Jeffrey & I want to thank you for providing us with such a beautiful ceremony.  You gave us a wedding that we both will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you for everything you have done – most importantly-being the one to lead us into our life together as husband and wife. Sincerely, Tracey & Jeffrey Galloway ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unity Church of Savannah, Georgia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Rev. Guenzel, We are so grateful that you officiated our wedding ceremony at such a short notice. Loren and I were so touched by the beautiful service. Thank you for doing such a good job!!  Our guests also remarked about the meaningful service.  We will remember it for our lifetime. May God richly bless you!    

  Sincerely, Brian and Loren Smith, from Atlanta, Georgia